Video previews Windows Phone 7 version of Seesmic

Video previews Windows Phone 7 version of Seesmic


Perhaps one of the most important apps on our smartphones these days are ones that connect us to our favorite social networking sites. Windows Phone 7 is not going to be outdone in this front, because what we see here is the first glimpse at the Seesmic client for Windows Phone 7.

Just like its desktop counterpart (as well as existing mobile versions), the new Seesmic for WP7 will let you latch on not only to Twitter, but also places like Facebook and a good chance that Google Buzz will appear as well. No mention of Foursquare check-ins just yet.

The user interface allows for the usual things like looking at current top trends and searching for keywords, as well as uploading photos, managing profiles, retweeting, and geotagging. Direct messages are styled to look like Windows Phone 7’s SMS integration.

No date has been attached to its release, but a simultaneous launch with Windows Phone 7 seems to make the most sense.