Apple iPhone 4 still not recommended by Consumer Reports

Apple iPhone 4 still not recommended by Consumer Reports


Vancouver is still experiencing severe shortages of iPhone 4s, and Apple fans are as desperate as ever to get one.  Camping out overnight for the slightest possibility of one becoming available. Despite this popularity, Consumer Reports is remaining steadfast in its initial assessment of the device; they still won’t recommend buying the iPhone 4. This is largely because of the whole “antennagate” and “death grip” situation. Due to these dropped calls and reception issues, Consumer Reports said not to buy it.

Apple addressed these problems by giving out free bumper cases, and that comes to an end on September 30. After that day, the solution to address the problem will be on the onus of the owner, unless a revised iPhone 4 will be issued afterwards.  At this point, Consumer Reports isn’t changing their mind, and they don’t think you should buy the iPhone 4 until a “real” fix comes along.

“Our tests found the Bumper successfully mitigates the iPhone 4’s reception issue, which was a weak point in the phone’s otherwise-stellar performance in our tests. And we agree with Apple that not all iPhone 4 owners will experience reception difficulties with the device. But putting the onus on any owners of a product to obtain a remedy to a design flaw is not acceptable to us. We therefore continue not to recommend the iPhone 4, and to call on Apple to provide a permanent fix for the phone’s reception issues.”

Your best bet is to wait for an updated version of the iPhone 4 that fixes the reception problem, and it should be from the inside-out rather than the outside-in.