Kensington PowerBack iPad case docks, stands, and charges

Kensington PowerBack iPad case docks, stands, and charges


One of the claims to fame that the iPad holds over devices like the Kindle is that it sports “multiple functions.” It would only make sense if its accessories did the same, and that’s exactly what the Kensington PowerBack iPad case attempts to do. On the surface, it may appear to be just like the countless other iPad cases out there, but it hides a couple of secrets that just may set it apart from the crowd. First, it sports a little kickstand in the back, making it easier for you to watch your YouTube videos handsfree. Second, there’s a 4400mAh battery hidden within the PowerBack, hence the name, this can give your iPad about five extra hours of wireless enjoyment. The iPad already has pretty good battery life, but a little more juice never hurts. And third, the PowerBack can serve as a dock, allowing you to charge and sync your iPad without having to remove the PowerBack from your iPad.

We’ll see how it fairs in the ergonomics and usability arena. The price for this added convenience? $130 big ones. A little much for a case and a battery, but not way out there either.