Unicorn bicycle mod gives me that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling

Unicorn bicycle mod gives me that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling


I don’t know what it is about unicorns that make me all warm and fuzzy. Perhaps it’s one of those brain wash things from early sci-fi flics I became acquainted with as a young lad. Whatever it is, this unicorn bicycle mod will probably get your ass handed to you on a plater. That warm and fuzzy feeling will be the concrete burn on your hands and face, then the fuzzy grass when you slide up the curb after someone just kicked you off your high horse. If you’re galavanting through town on this thing, be sure you’re a girl. The designer has it on a mens style bike, so it’s really all fair game at this point. Make us a dragon, or bronco with horns, or something badass, then I might strap it on to my black Diamond Back frame. Disagree? Don’t forget to put your mouthguard in before heading out on the town.

In all seriousness, the concept just won the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010. I’m guessing they were lacking entrants in the carbon fiber and hubless wheel department so this took the cake. The “horsey” kit is by designer Eungi Kim, these are his words: “’horsey’ is an attachable bicycle ornament/accessory which makes one’s bicycle look horsey! the ‘horsey’ package includes wooden ornaments (horsey shape body), metal parts, and screws. the manual is very simple so that anyone can easily arrange it according to one’s needs. through this ‘horsey’ project. I wanted to give a special look to bicycles so that people would care about cycling not only as transportation but also as a lovely pet.”

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