Spirit HD review for the Apple iPad

Spirit HD review for the Apple iPad


When I first saw screenshots of Spirit HD, my thoughts were “wow sweet.” The graphics are really slick and retro, utilizing the ambience of a glowing LCD, with brilliant colors that transcend you into other dimensions, literally.

The object of the game is to fight in space, perhaps other dimensions. You take control of Spirit in order to create black holes “other dimensions” in defense of being destroyed yourself. Using your finger of choice, you send your spirit in a loop around enemy shapes, objects, and entities. A worm hole opens up and sends the enemy far far away, to another dimension. The game’s website explains Spirit HD like this: “Guide Spirit against many different enemy types, and distort space to force them into another dimension.” The speed of which you can maneuver spirit is configurable in the settings. At first you will be fine with a slower moving spirit, but once you get the hang of things – which you will very quickly – you’ll want a bit more speed.

The game also adapts to you, I’ve noticed after a while things start happening, it might be something I’m smoking, but I’m not the only one who detected a bit of AI freakiness to it. After a good half hour of game play, mesmerizing transcending music, and glowing shapes, you’ll step outside and see a flock of birds flying and wan’t to draw a circle around them with your finger. Seriously. It’s just one of those addictive games that linger around you. Needless to say, I’m allright now and my doctor said I can go on with everyday life as usual, just without Spirit HD. But in all seriousness, it’s a lot of fun because the movements are so fluid and natural, you get sucked in by its simplicity and nostalgic graphics that remind me of an old galactic shooting game.

You’re lucky, because it’s on sale now for $1.99 for the iPad (50% off). That’s a steal, you will get hours of game play on this one and enjoy every minute of it. I haven’t met one person that I threw the iPad loaded up with Spirit HD at that hasn’t been impressed by the game. It’s out for iPhone too but I don’t think it would be as great on the baby screen, give it a shot and tell me what you think.

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