Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet to rock AMOLED display?

Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet to rock AMOLED display?


The Apple iPad will soon be joined by more than a few competitors in the tablet market, one of the most compelling possibilities is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab. And that compelling possibility just got a lot more attractive, because we’re hearing that the Galaxy Tab could boast an impressive AMOLED display.

We originally heard that the Galaxy Tab would have a less than impressive 800 x 480 pixel resolution screen, but that rumor got squashed when they confirmed a resolution closer to 1024 x 600. That was the first good news, but we still thought that the Galaxy Tab would be doing the TFT-LCD thing.

According to Digitimes, however, the upcoming tablet will instead be making use of an AMOLED screen. This offers incredibly rich and brilliant colors, especially when placed next to a more conventional TFT display. Then again, Samsung has been pushing the SUPER AMOLED on its smartphones lately. Could we be seeing some of that action on the Galaxy Tab too?

In case you’ve missed it the first few times around, the Samsung Galaxy Tab will reportedly boast Google Android 2.2 Froyo, front and rear cameras, microSD slot, 4000mAh battery, and a seven-inch touchscreen.

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