Motive Industries’ Cannabis Kestrel cars rear end exposed

Motive Industries’ Cannabis Kestrel cars rear end exposed


That first hit of news from Motive Industries and their cannabis composite electric car was real smooth, now a second has come down the pipe and it’s even nicer than the first.  And after an influx of inundated cannabis cracks at the companies innovative use of hemp materials, Motive Industries has taken it upon themselves to release more specifications on their “green machine.”  What we can tell you now is that the 850kg (1874 lb) vehicle is ultralight, a three door that can carry four, and packs 16 kWh of lithium battery juice to blissfully propel you 160 kilometers per charge.  You can top it out at 135 km/h (84 mph), but that won’t keep you buzzing for long.

A “teaser” photo was put out showing the Kestrel’s rear end. The panels look typical with a fancy paint job to make it pop.  You’re not going to notice hemp plastic when put next to petro-plastic, it’s just one of those “nice to know” things.

A prototype is due out next year, this rendering shows us a bit, but you know how it is in the cannabis world.  Show me all the goods first, then i’ll decide.

Kestrel Specs:
– Architecture: Compact 4 passengers, 3 doors
– Drive train: Electric, single speed
– Vehicle weight: 850kg
– Top speed: 135 km/h
– Range: 160km
– Battery: 16 kWh lithium

Manufacturing Specs:
– Construction type: Bio-fiber based composite
– Technology partners: Undisclosed
– Manufacturing partners: Undisclosed
– Production prototype tour target: 2011
– Production manufacturing target: 2012
– Transport Canada Certification target: Late 2012

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