Leica M9 skin not official, turns iPhone 4 into a retro shooter

Leica M9 skin not official, turns iPhone 4 into a retro shooter


As far as camera phones go, the iPhone 4 does a really good job at capturing the moment. Even so, when you stop to take that picture, you’re quite clearly holding up a mobile phone and not a real digital camera. Why not fool a few folks into thinking you have a snazzy Leica instead?

Apparently, that’s exactly what was going through the head of Joey Celis when he decided to create the Leica M9 skin for the iPhone 4. He’s a professional photographer out of San Francisco and I guess he wanted a little more street cred while snapping pics on his iPhone 4.

The net result is a fantastic custom sticker that, from a little farther away, will likely fool more than a few passive passers-by. You’ll clearly be able to tell from the profile that there’s no lens popping out of the body, but looking straight on looks pretty convincing!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that Celis has no intention of mass producing the skin for public sale. The Leica M9 skin is a one-off project. I think he should submit the design to somewhere like Gelaskins and rake in some dough once Leica permits.

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