Wind Mobile calls big three a joke, will buy Mobilicity and Public...

Wind Mobile calls big three a joke, will buy Mobilicity and Public Mobile


Wind Mobile is becoming a bigger player in the Canadian telecommunications industry, and one of its main investors has some choice words for the market. More specifically, he’s scoffing at the big three and saying it’s inevitable that Wind will acquire the other new entrants.

Orascom Telecom Holdings of Egypt happens to be one of the biggest investors in Wind Mobile and Naguib Sawiris is the company’s executive chairman. In a recent interview with the Globe and Mail, he says that Bell, Telus and Rogers are “a joke” and that they’re not worth investing in because they’re “too big” and “too slow.” That’s why he wanted to invest in Wind instead.

Interestingly, Sawiris says that he has been “offered by two of them to buy me out at a very significant profit, but that means I’m a broker, not an industrialist. It’s against my saga, against my history. I’m not the kind of guy who goes out for the money. It’s about success. And this, I would consider it as a bribe.”

He doesn’t want to be bought out, but he’s not opposed to doing some buying out of his own. IN fact, he says that it is inevetible that Wind will acquire other newcomers Public Mobile and Mobilicity. He views Wind as the “consolidator of all the smaller players.”

Wow. Bold words.

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