Archos drops 5 Android tablets, even a $100 unit

Archos drops 5 Android tablets, even a $100 unit

Archos 101 Android Tablet with 10.1-inch LCD
Archos 101 Android Tablet with 10.1-inch LCD

Archos was already a major contender in the media player and Internet tablet market before the iPad had landed. Looking to re-establish itself as an industry leader, Archos has just announced no fewer than five new Android tablets. There’s even one that starts at under a hundred bucks.

The largest of the bunch is the Archos 101 Internet tablet with its 10.1-inch high-resolution screen, an HD multimedia support, and an adjustable kickstand. It also boasts a 1GHz processor, Bluetooth, USB, tethering support, HDMI TV out, accelerometer, 3D openGL technology, WiFi-n technology, and a PC-like web browsing experience. The Archos 101 ships this fall in 8GB ($300) and 16GB ($350) variants.

Offering many of the same features are the smaller Archos 70 Internet tablet and the Archos 43 Internet tablet. They get 7.0-inch and 4.3-inch color displays, rounded out by Android and Adobe Flash 10.1 players. The Archos 43 adds a 2MP HD camcorder to the mix as well. Look for the Archos 70 in 8GB ($275) and 250GB ($350) versions this fall too. The Archos 43 is only available as an 8-gigger for $200.

At the smallest end of the scale are the Archos 32 Internet tablet and Archos 28 Internet tablet. It’s probably more appropriate to call these MP3/MP4 players, but they are powered by Android. This means you get email, web browsing, social networking, and other apps, in addition to music and video streaming. The 4GB Archos 28 will be $100 and the 8GB Archos 32 will be $150 when they ship later this month.

ARCHOS introduces five new android tablets starting below