Voltaic’s new standalone mobile solar chargers generate 4 watts

Voltaic’s new standalone mobile solar chargers generate 4 watts


Voltaic has just released the Amp, Fuse and Switch, standalone chargers with solar panels that can produce up to 4 Watts of Power.  With 4-5 hours of sun, or a day at the beach, their Lithium Polymer batteries can be fully powered and then used at anytime to charge a handheld device.  The Amp cases are waterproof, UV resistant, and even made from recycled soda bottles (PET).    When no sun is in sight, the battery packs can also be recharged by connecting to your computers USB port, and an AC or DC charger.  Each come with 9 adapters and are selling for $99, $129, and $129 from Voltaic.

The Amp is a small square solar pack, meant for a mobile portable in your hands solution.  The Fuse is a bit larger, will strap on to an existing backpack and give you the same amount of power as the Switch, which is the same size as the Fuse, just adds a bit more storage space.


  • Two high-efficiency solar panels that together generate up to 4 Watts of power
  • 3,000 mAh, 11 Watt-hour Lithium Polymer battery with integrated USB port
  • 9 common adapters for easy connection to most phones and other handheld electronics
  • USB Charging Cable for devices and Charging Cable for Voltaic Battery
  • Switchable solar output Voltage between 6 and 12 Volts, providing ability to charge DSLR camera, video camera and other devices with 7.4 Volt batteries directly from solar power.

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