Virgin Mobile offers $40 unlimited MiFi plan, delayed a few days

Virgin Mobile offers $40 unlimited MiFi plan, delayed a few days


Looking for a way to keep your notebook connected to the Internet no matter where you go? Even if you can’t find a Wi-Fi hotspot? It looks like Virgin Mobile has you covered and it’s actually a remarkably affordable option. That’s because they’re offering unlimited data via the MiFi device for just forty bucks.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, the MiFi is a credit card-sized device that will translate the mobile broadband connection into a WiFi hotspot. Other devices like the Novatel USB modem work. This way, any WiFi-enabled device can connect to the Internet, including notebooks, netbooks, tablets, and smartphones.

The new $40 unlimited MiFi plan from Virgin Mobile (Piggy backed off Sprint) is the best (current) deal in the country by about $20 a month. That’s unlimited data folks. This new 30-day plan kills off the old $20/$40/$60 tiered data of old. If you want to save a few bucks, you can still opt to pay $10 for 10 days of access, but that caps off at just 100MB.

Update: PC Mag reports that this is delayed due to “technical difficulties” however, Virgin Mobile’s spokeswoman Corinne Nosal said its only for a few days.

Virgin Mobile shifts up their MiFi plan: $40. Unlimited. Contract-free. Glorious [MobileCrunch]