Face tracking verification on Nokia N900 smartphone (Video)

Face tracking verification on Nokia N900 smartphone (Video)


You want your smartphone to be secure, but sometimes a lock screen password isn’t good enough. The Nokia N900 is taking it to the next level with the introduction of some real-time face-tracking software. That’s right. It uses the camera to, quite literally, see who you are.

Remember how touchscreen passwords can be lifted and all that? No matter how good a password you think you’re setting, it might not be good enough. However, your face is your face.

We’ve already seen the concept of facial recognition in laptops, webcams, and even the Xbox 360 Kinect peripheral. It’s only a natural progression to bring it to phones too. That’s how the Nokia N900 came into the picture at the University of Manchester in the UK.

The prototype “quickly locks and tracks 22 facial features in real time” using the front-facing camera on the N900. This “Active Appearance” modeling was developed by the Mobile Biometrics project. Check out the video and see for yourself whether face-tracking is the future of smartphone verifications.

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