Third-generation Dreamcast Portable by Techknott

Third-generation Dreamcast Portable by Techknott


Sony PSP Go? Nintendo 3DS? Apple iPhone 4? None of those portable gaming platforms can compare to this behemoth constructed by some modder named Techknott. What you see here is not only a Sega Dreamcast Portable, but the third generation version.

Techknott has been at his hacking and modding ways for some time, so this third iteration really is the fruit of his labors. As you can imagine, it takes the Sega Dreamcast and makes it portable. It even has a VMU unit for extra authenticity.

The custom case is made from CNC acrylic and MDF, original Dreamcast controller parts were used in the front, and he’s mounted original Dreamcast triggers on the back. The discs fit into the back as well, though there is an SD card slot in the front for games stored on flash memory. A PSone LCD serves as the display.

The 4500mAh battery makes this a true portable gaming wonder, but you can share your Dreamcast Portable experience with friends thanks to the two additional controller ports and TV-out options.

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