Telus Mobility nabs Motorola CHARM Android smartphone

Telus Mobility nabs Motorola CHARM Android smartphone

Motorola CHARM QWETRY Android smartphone
Motorola CHARM QWETRY Android smartphone

You know, Motorola really ought to give up on this whole all-caps thing when it comes to their product names. I know it’s meant to be distinctive, but it’s almost like they’re trying too hard. Case in point is the new Motorola CHARM, the latest Android device to join the Telus Mobility family.

After being bombarded with names like RAZR, ROKR, and MILESTONE, we are now treated to the Motorola CHARM. The square messaging-friendly device is rocking Google Android 2.1 and it has a full QWERTY keyboard below its 2.8-inch touchscreen display.

Keeping up with the all-caps dance, this smartphone also features the MOTOBLUR user interface and the Motorola BACKTRACK controller. The latter is like the Motorola BACKFLIP with the trackpad on the rear, allowing you to navigate without obscuring the display.

Rounding out the specs are its 3G speeds, 3MP camera, Adobe Flash-friendly web browser, and 1170mAh battery good for up to 13.9 days of standby. Rock out with the CHARM through Telus for $29.99 on a three-year contract or $249.99 outright.

Motorola CHARM specifications

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