Multi-core slinging Adam Android tablet now set for 2011?

Multi-core slinging Adam Android tablet now set for 2011?

Adam Android tablet
Adam Android tablet

Good news was announced by Notion Ink on their blog yesterday, the Adam tablet may finally be graduating from just an idea – to a real life physical product.  Although, there is a small hitch, the rumored launch window has us waiting until early 2011.

The Adam tablet will run on Google Android, so it may be worth the wait.  It’ll be powered by an ultra-fast Tegra dual-core processor.  And don’t expect just one choice, four different flavours are slated for release. This is what Apple is doing with the iPad, giving the option of an entry-level device, while those wanting a bit “more” can pay for it.

The low end Adam Android tablet has an entry-level LCD, Wi-Fi only, and will chime in at $399. Tack on 3G and it goes up to $449.  The real appeal is opting in for the Pixel Qi display for an extra $50.

As for apps, we expect the Android Market to be teeming with tablet apps by then. Of course, it’ll come preloaded with something called Genesis.  Notion Ink’s version of iTunes for eBooks, music, movies, and apps.

As it stands, the FCC submission won’t happen until November or December, that’s an apparent result of some Tegra 2 delays. Based on all that, we think a release won’t be happening until February 2011, at best.

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