Just Mobile’s UpStand for the Apple iPad review

Just Mobile’s UpStand for the Apple iPad review

Just Mobile's iPad UpStand

Just Mobile's iPad UpStand

I just got through a half dozen documentaries and videos that I’ve been meaning to get to for months now. How I did it? The Just Mobile UpStand and a bit of help from CineXplayer. Now that my iPad conveniently sits next to my monitor in seemingly perfect viewable angle, I can let those videos play as I work during the day.

Features and Design
The UpStand is a finely crafted stand for the iPad. It’s made of brushed aluminum and matches everything Apple. The packaging even resembles Apple’s. It consists of a solid aluminum base with rubber underneath so it does not move around, an aluminum upside down V bolted to a pair of tubes. The upside down V has rubber grips where you actually rest the iPad on. It also has rubber on the inside edges of where your iPad will lean against, preventing any possibility of scratching. The stand is super light, and basically 4 pieces of aluminum bolted together in an esthetically pleasing way.

Overall Performance
It’s just a stand. But it’s a really good looking stand. There are many stands on the market, some even come built in to your case. The UpStand was designed to be more appealing to the eye than a fully functional and configurable iPad holder. Sure you could lean your iPad up against the wall, or against a book, but that’s not going to match anything on your desk, let alone give you the security of knowing your iPad is in its home.

Backside of the UpStand

There is a bit of extra room where the UpStand grips the iPad, even a big bulky case wrapping your iPad fits; like the Otterbox Defender for example. With no adjustable angle, the iPad is still easily viewable when seated at a desk. But that is one thing I would have liked, the ability to tilt the iPad in various angles while in the stand. Of course it would raise the price by a few more dollars, but it would have given it that extra bit of flexibility and appeal. As it stands, you can swivel it left and right easily, and that gives you a perfect view on any desk, table or shelf. This design leads me to believe that Just Mobile intends it to be used with a keyboard at a desk, or on a shelf as an alarm clock or photo album.

Bottom Line
The stand is narrow and light. This makes it easy to tip over if you are pressing the Apple key, you will have to hold on to the back of the iPad in order to prevent it from falling off. Using Apple’s touchscreen keyboard is a bit of a pain at the pre-configured angle, otherwise multitouch navigation through apps and websites is a breeze. You can swipe and tap and it stands up just fine. This will turn your iPad into a mini-mac like computer by simply connecting a Bluetooth keyboard.

A bit pricey at $50 and should have given you tilt action. But it is uber sexy.

Just Mobile UpStand – $50

Look at me, i'm a real computer!