Video: Hanvon Windows 7 tablet takes on the iPad

Video: Hanvon Windows 7 tablet takes on the iPad


This latest video shows a Windows 7 tablet and Apple iPad going head to head in a series of every day tasks. The hardware used for the Windows 7 contender is the Hanvon Windows 7 slate, one of many Windows 7 tablets that will be released before the year is out.

One thing that stands out is the obvious LCD size difference, it seems to cramp up the keyboard and cut off websites. I’m also still up in the air about the ghosting key effect when you are typing. And doesn’t that thing automatically disappear when you are done typing? Perhaps these are user configurable settings, and if not, they better be. Windows 7 web browsing and scrolling shows a staggered, jittery look; while the iPad is much more smooth and fluid. Don’t forget, in Windows 7 you will have an actual choice of browsers, so the native app will not be forced upon you. You also get USB ports and an SD card slot, oh, and a camera too. But you don’t need all those extra distractions, do you?

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