How to watch .avi (Xvid) movies on your iPad

How to watch .avi (Xvid) movies on your iPad


Why is it so difficult to watch AVI files on your iPad? Simply because the format is not supported by Apple. Supporting Xvid format is competition for Apple’s own MOV. And that would mean cutting the grass on Apple’s video portion of the iTunes store.

So in the name of freedom, by disrupting compatibility and invading the utopian way, a new app called CinexPlayer has come to shake the tree.

CineXplayer is a free download. But won’t last long. If you want this app you better snap it up asap because it slipped past the Apple gates and wont be allowed to roam forever. It’s free, and will allow you to easily copy your Xvid collection over to your iPad with the file sharing feature of iTunes.

After installation, just enter the apps tab of your iPad and click CineXplayer, Add.. and select the avi files from your collection. A couple recordings were unplayable, they were DIV3 encoded AVIs, but DIVX encoded files play smoothly and clearly. The menu gives you an easy to access list of your collection. The resume feature saves where you left off, so anytime your iPad shuts down or you exit out of the app you are automatically back watching where you left off. Deleting movies is easier than you would expect, just slide your finger across the movie title and a delete box appears to the right.

It’s really a nice little app and some definite care went into the making of it.

Official Website [CineXplayer]
CineXplayer Download [iTunes]