Apple to make liquid metal iPhones?

Apple to make liquid metal iPhones?

Liquid metal terminator from the movie
Liquid metal terminator from the movie

Liquidmetal Technologies has just licensed all their rights to their patents to none other than Apple. What this means is all speculation, but Apple will now have access to the companies technology for “future” developments.

The crazy plastic-metal that Liquidmetal has made is nothing but mind-blowing. In the video below you can see how stainless steel, Liquidmetal, and tried, tested, and true titanium respond to a bouncing metal bearing.

What makes this metal so special? Well, it’s an “amorphous atomic structure” that has a chemical composition which can be fine-tuned depending on the manufacturing objectives. In other words, future iPhones and even MacBooks could utilize this material which would allow you to drop it without any ill effects, to the exterior atleast. And it may even bounce back for you to catch.
Here are some of the Liquidmetal properties:

• 2.5 times the strength of commonly used titanium alloy with less weight
• 1.5 times the hardness of stainless steel with less weight
• 2-3 times more resistant to permanent deformation than conventional metals
• Non-corrosive
• Stain and rust proof
• Allows thinner walls in casings, with greater strength
• Allows for large surfaces maintaining thin skins without deformation
• Scratch resistant
• High thermal and electrical conductivity

And yes, you better watch the hell out for liquid metal terminators because this stuff is not bio-degradable.

[Gizmodo via Liquidmetal]