Second Peel case spotted at the FCC: Is this for the iPad...

Second Peel case spotted at the FCC: Is this for the iPad too?

ZTE Peel
ZTE Peel 3200 could very well be for the iPad or iPod Touch

Yesterday, we caught a glimpse of a special iPod touch case that could effectively convert the media player into a functional iPhone. We have now discovered an alternative case thanks to FCC filings and some digging around over at PhoneScoop.  It turns out that there is a very similar case called the ZTE Peel 3200 and it carries, get this, Sprint branding. This leads to believe that Sprint is looking for a workaround, so to speak, to getting an iPhone of its own without getting an iPhone of its own. The Peel case gives EV-DO connectivity, its own battery, and the ability to be used as a mobile hotspot. Let’s not forget about voice and text to boot.

It appears that the case doesn’t physically connect to the iPod touch, per se. This could mean that it latches on via Wi-Fi instead to make calls through Sprint’s 3G network. The unnamed case from earlier looked like it had a dock connector inside, making for a different configuration altogether.

Either way, couldn’t ZTE (or some other OEM) conceivably make a larger version of the Apple Peel 3200 for the iPad and achieve the same kind of functionality? Wouldn’t that just bite into the iPad 3G+WiFi model just a little?

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