Interested in visiting outerspace? $95,000 will get you there in 2012

Interested in visiting outerspace? $95,000 will get you there in 2012


Interested in visiting outerspace? XCOR Aerospace is readying the launch of their budget return flights to space that are expected to lift off early 2012. Coincidence or not? Why is everyone planning to leave the earth in 2012? For $95,000 you will get to ride their Lynx spacecraft through the outer most leagues of the atmosphere. That’s half the price of Virgin Galactic, and cheaper than Space Adventures by $7,000. Not to worry though, you will most likely return, as XCOR has been testing their rocket ships for eight years now and their pretty confident that they are ready to start taking on the masses. That price could be even further reduced if Ryan Air launches their own budget space travel company. That’s one short adventure for man; and many cheap-ass spaceflights for mankind.

[Gizmodo via Xtraordinary Adventures, PRWeb]

Xtraordinary Adventures Announces New Corporate Incentive: A Suborbital Space Thrill Ride on XCOR’s LYNX

Boca Raton, FL (Vocus) July 29, 2010

Mitchell J. Schultz, managing director of Xtraordinary Adventures and one of the exclusive cadre of RocketShip Tours’ worldwide certified Space Tourism Specialists, will help the selected corporate participants prepare for their Pinnacle Life Event – a suborbital flight on Lynx. According to Schultz “XCOR Aerospace has an incredible focus on safety with an unblemished record of manned rocket aircraft flights since 2002. Putting the safety of its participants as their primary concern, they have built some of the most innovative rocket engines in the industry and should soon establish themselves as the premier suborbital space flight group in the world.” Sitting in the front right seat of the Lynx next to the astronaut / pilot, who early on will be Col. Rick Searfoss, former NASA Space Shuttle Commander and two time Shuttle pilot, Schultz calls the Mach 3.5+ flight to the edge of space “the most thrilling flight on this planet, clearly it is The Right Stuff Experience true adventurers are looking for today and one of the greatest awards a top executive can receive.”

The Lynx has been designed with four independent rocket engines whose operational profile are “jet-engine” like in the sense they are used to power the aircraft. After it lands, they are refueled, a checklist is performed, and then you take off again, up to four times per day. The Lynx takes off like a private aircraft from a runway, flies to the edge of space, and returns to the take off site. Four onboard and several ground based cameras will be recording these historical flights, and will become a memento of this extraordinary personalized experience.

The LYNX experience includes a four day training session and a two day briefing before the flight itself. A $20,000 deposit will start the process

Xtraordinary Adventures LLC ( ), is a two year old Florida Limited Liability Company and Rocketship Tours Space Tourism Specialist, operating from Boca Raton, Florida. Xtraordinary Adventures is reaching out to extend an opportunity to all interested space enthusiasts and adventurers desirous of meeting with others of similar interests and for registration assistance in going on a suborbital rocket powered vehicle on XCOR’s Lynx. Xtraordinary Adventures is dedicated to providing current, factual information, innovative ideas, interesting products, gifts and trip mementos and quality service to enable our discriminating participants in finding answers to satisfy their quest for space knowledge and memorable space related experience opportunities.

The founder of Xtraordinary Adventures, LLC, Mitchell J Schultz is an innovator, world traveler, visionary and recognized as a leader in alternate finance and media having distributed millions of dollars in Broadway show tickets from bartering in-flight magazine space from 1996-2002. He has also been active in charitable programs and fundraising for over 40 years. Mr. Schultz is a certified Space Tourism Specialist and graduate of Space Tourism University 2010. To secure your reservation and for more information you can call (800) 358-0655 or email: MJS(at)XtraOrdinaryAdventures(dot)com.

RocketShip Tours Inc. ( ), is the General Sales Agent for XCOR Aerospace and exclusive global provider of civilian participant services for the Lynx suborbital vehicle. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, RocketShip Tours was founded by Jules H. Klar, an innovative travel entrepreneur. RocketShip Tours is represented exclusively by Space Tourism Specialists who have completed the comprehensive course of study at Space Tourism University. RocketShip Tours and XCOR Aerospace have developed a comprehensive program that emphasizes luxury, quality, and confidence. RocketShip Tours has committed itself to providing the safest and most rewarding experience possible. Supported by world-class facilities and experts in the fields of Rocket Science, Spacesuit Technology, Aerospace Medicine, and Luxury Travel, this is a chance to be among the first pioneering space tourists in history. RocketShip Tours has assembled the brightest, most innovative, groundbreaking, enthusiastic and dedicated team to offer the most enriching and memorable experience of a lifetime.

XCOR Aerospace Inc., ( ), founded in 1999, is focused on the research, development and production of safe, reliable, reusable launch vehicles (RLVs), rocket engines and rocket propulsion systems. XCOR CEO, Jeff Greason, served on the president’s appointed NASA U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Review Committee led by former Lockheed Martin CEO, Norman Augustine that has significantly influenced national space policy since the release of the committee’s report in late 2009. In just 10 years the firm has developed and built 11 different rocket engine designs and built and flown two manned rocket-powered aircraft. XCOR is now in the phased development of its next generation vehicle, the suborbital reusable launch vehicle, Lynx. In addition to taking a pilot and one spaceflight participant to the edge of space, the vehicle will provide affordable launch services to academic, scientific, engineering, and observation-related markets, and be able to launch small satellites into low Earth orbit.