iOS4 upgrade on iPhone 3G causes slowdown

iOS4 upgrade on iPhone 3G causes slowdown


It seemed like pretty good news when Steve Jobs and crew said that you could install the newest iOS4 on older iPhone devices. You could put it on your iPhone 3G or 3GS without having to upgrade to the newest iPhone 4 hardware. As it turns out, this blessing may have been a curse in disguise. At least that’s how it appears to be for anyone with an iPhone 3G who happened to upgrade to iOS4. This “upgrade” seems to result in remarkably sluggish performance, slowing the phone down to a nearly unusable crawl. Getting off the unlock screen can take as long as ten seconds and there are significant delays when opening and replying to text messages.

It seems that the processor is to blame. Whereas the iPhone 3GS has a peppier 600MHz ARM 11 processor (and thus runs iOS4 without a hitch), the older iPhone 3G only has a 412MHz ARM 11 chip under the hood. Naturally, the iPhone 4 is more than at home with iOS4.

So, what recourse do iPhone 3G owners have? They could revert back to OS 3.1.3, but even that’s quite the process. It’s almost as if Apple is trying to convince all of them to buy a new iPhone 4 instead. What say you, readers? Have you upgraded to iOS4 on your iPhone 3G? Is it as slow as people say? If not, do you plan to?

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Photo: originalgoast/Flickr