Mobile video is hot, creates network slowdowns

Mobile video is hot, creates network slowdowns


There is a Sprint commercial with Dan Hesse where he says very few people only use their phones for just phone calls anymore. This assertion has been quantified, in effect, by a new report put out by Bytemobile, Inc.

The “global leader in mobile Internet solutions” has just issued its second quarter 2010 Mobile Minute Metrics report and it’s showing that we are consuming more mobile video than ever. This has resulted in drastic increases in network bandwidth. We’re using more mobile data and video is “the key driver,” according to Bytemobile VP Joel Brand.  In the report, we discover that mobile video consumption is at its highest around 10:00pm. You would think that more people would watch videos during the day, but it seems that we’re using them more as bedtime stories. Also in the report, we learn that mobile users will suffer though lower-res vids in order to avoid stalling. Even so, stalling still occurs “on the fastest of networks.”

Not surprisingly, YouTube is a popular online destination for mobile video watchers, accounting for 36% of the total video traffic on wireless networks worldwide. Despite Apple’s attempts to curb the boobage, adult content still accounts for a large percentage of that.


Bytemobile Releases Global Metrics Report on Mobile Video

Data Underscores Need for Media Optimization on Even Fastest of Wireless Networks
SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 28, 2010

Bytemobile, Inc., the global leader in mobile internet solutions, today released its second-quarter 2010 Mobile Minute Metrics report. The July report examines the impact of video usage on network bandwidth and ultimately the user experience. Bytemobile anonymously sources the aggregate data traffic in a global cross-section of its customers’ networks and provides insight into the current state of the mobile ecosystem.

“The mobile data industry is experiencing tremendous growth, with video as the key driver,” said Joel Brand, vice president of Product Management at Bytemobile. “While operators are enjoying revenue growth from data subscriptions, they are also experiencing rapid escalation of traffic, which is outpacing available network capacity and adversely affecting quality of service.”

Report Snapshot

* Mobile video consumption peaks around 10:00 p.m., at which point networks experience the most congestion and users experience the most video stalling.
* Stalling occurs on the fastest of networks, underscoring the probability that not even next-generation network technology will be sufficient to satisfy user demand for data services.
* Mobile users opt for lower-quality videos to avoid stalling and enjoy a better media experience.
* Optimization significantly reduces video stalling, thereby noticeably improving the user experience.
* YouTube accounts for 36% of the total video traffic on wireless networks worldwide. Adult content and ‘long tail’ internet content account for the rest.

Brand continued, “As data traffic continues to increase, not only will the user experience deteriorate, but operators will have to implement stringent billing policies to curtail data usage. Bytemobile’s field-proven optimization solutions enable operators to remain competitive by serving more users and traffic within their existing infrastructure, offering a better user experience to reduce churn and requiring fewer policies to control traffic.”

To download the 2Q 2010 Mobile Minute Metrics report, please click here.