Monsoon Vulkano STB records and streams just about everything

Monsoon Vulkano STB records and streams just about everything

Monsoon Vulkano STB in black

Want to set up a box in your home that can be used not only to record all of your favorite programming, but also to stream said content to all sorts of other devices? The Monsoon Vulkano is a placeshifting media streamer that follows the company’s HAVA line and claims to do all that and more.  The Vulkano features a very slim profile and design as you can see in the photograph, inside you’ll find a true HD video processor and local harddrive for storage (no cloud action just yet). Though it sports analog inputs, it can take HD video for recording purposes and downcode it for live streaming over WiFi and 3G portable devices.

At launch, there will be apps available for PC, Mac, iOS (iPhone/iPad), BlackBerry and Android. The plan is to bring Symbian into the fold shortly thereafter as well. In addition to the live streaming, these same devices can choose to save the recordings locally for offline viewing. Pretty sweet.  Going even further, the Monsoon Vulkano can be used to view (and record?) all kinds of Internet content too, like YouTube. They’re planning on nabbing Hulu, Netflix, Google TV, and even a full HTML browser in the near future too. Prices start at $279 for the Vulkano with 8GB SD storaage and ramp up to $379 for the Vulkano Pro with 1TB eSATA HDD, now available for pre-order.

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