Apple Magic Trackpad for the desktop is real

Apple Magic Trackpad for the desktop is real

Apple Magic Trackpad for desktops

Apple’s Magic Trackpad seems to be a real product.  It’s about as simple as ripping one out of a MacBook or MacBook Pro, giving it a battery holder, some Bluetooth love, and now it’s magically for the desktop.  I would probably go for this in a heartbeat, as I’m pretty fed up with swapping batteries on the wireless “Magic Mouse” that magically drains a brand new set of AAs in 3-4 weeks, or AA NiMHs in 2-3 weeks.  Apple says this is “normal” however I think it’s a bit wasteful and poor in performance.  If this Trackpad can last a bit longer than that while giving the same feel and functionality of the MacBook, only larger, it may be a worthwhile option to explore.  You can also move windows by three finger dragging, multitouch gestures for the desktop! Yay.

It’s shipping now for $69 from Apple.

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