Horizon fuel cell charging devices available for pre-order

Horizon fuel cell charging devices available for pre-order

Horizon HydroFILL station

Fuel cells are not some crazy technology from the future. They’re not inaccessible to the average Joe either, because pre-orders are now being taken for the Horizon MiniPAK, HydroSTIK, and HydroFILL products. These “alternative energy charging solutions” should offer plenty of juice for your mobile devices in a greener kind of way, even if the color scheme is largely black and blue. Starting with the $99.99 MiniPAK, you get a charging device that uses a passive air-breathing fuel cell and a solid state hydrogen storage unit.

For something substantially more hardcore, you can go ahead and drop a penny shy of five hundred bucks on the Horizon HydroFILL. This product can actually take regular old water, rip those hydrogen atoms away from the oxygen ones, and convert the hydrogen into power. Rounding out the trio is the $9.99 HydroSTIK. This is the fuel cartridge used in tandem with the MiniPAK, containing some hydrogen in a solid-state. For more info on all three, you can check out the Horizon website. No firm date for shipping has been announced yet.

Horizon MiniPAK

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