Tato commuter bike stowes a laptop between your legs

Tato commuter bike stowes a laptop between your legs


Tato Commuter bike gets briefcase holder

If you’re the kind of person that likes to cruise around town on a bicycle, perhaps you’d like to have your laptop in between your legs rather than in a safe saddle bag or backpack. Retailing for $1500, the Tato bicycle is pretty standard fare aside from one notable feature. The special cage that goes between your legs in the frame is perfectly suited for a briefcase, attache case, or — for the geeks in the audience — a laptop sleeve of some kind. Depending on the size, you could conceivably fit a good notebook bag in there too.

This is the space normally occupied by a holder for a water bottle or perhaps a bike lock, so it’s clear that the Tato is geared more towards the commuter type than the rugged weekender. On the more technical side, you see Shimano Deore components, a cushy RST suspension fork, hydraulic disk brakes, and an exposed chain running through the derailleur.

You can buy the Tato bike now, but it’s shipping all the way from Lichtenstein, and I seriously wouldn’t put a laptop in there unless you’re running SSDs.

[Gadget Lab via Tato]