Next-generation XMDF e-Book format will support audio and video

Next-generation XMDF e-Book format will support audio and video


Sharp XDMF format displayed on prototype e-Reader device

Last month at Computex Taipei, device manufacturers displayed e-book readers quite aggressively. Following not so far behind the event is Sharp with an announcement of their own, a next-generation in e-Book reading technology, the XMDF format; this time few extra tricks up its sleeve.
XMDF stands for ever-eXtending Mobile Document Format and it aims to be a new e-Book format for distribution in Japan, and potentially around the world. Sharp could already be in talks with Verizon to bring the format to American consumers through Sharp-branded e-book reading handhelds. What makes this format different from things like traditional ePub is that it can not only display text and images, but it can also play audio and video content as well. Their goal is to offer a “fully featured book experience” but much more rich in media.

Sharp is hoping that the next-gen XMDF format will grow beyond traditional handheld devices, being made available through TVs, set top boxes, gaming devices, and more. They’re also reaching to the clouds to store the content and make it seamlessly accessible.