BlackBerry Locate Service gets cellular triangulation

BlackBerry Locate Service gets cellular triangulation


From Foursquare to attraction-finding, geolocation technology can be pretty darn useful. And now, BlackBerry app developers can take advantage of that functionality as an extension of the BlackBerry Locate Service.

Before today the platform was only able to determine the location of the user via GPS. Now with the recent update, the location can be determined based on cell tower triangulation for geolocation. This isn’t as accurate as true GPS, to be sure, but it’s much lighter on the battery and could prove to be more effective where a GPS signal is harder to get – like indoors.  Using cell tower information for location-based services is usually a lot faster than getting a lock on GPS. That’s a good thing, but the lack of accuracy may not be the best choice for applications that require highly specific location data. Even so, it could be “perfect for applications that need to point to close by areas of interest… without going into too many details.”

You’ll need to have at least BlackBerry OS 5.0 for this function to work, which is what the majority of BlackBerry devices are running these days. You can expect to see some more apps using BlackBerry Locate soon. The devs just need to grab the appropriate APIs and get coding.