Dell Precision M6500 notebook gets a beastly 32GB of RAM

Dell Precision M6500 notebook gets a beastly 32GB of RAM

Dell M6500 Laptop with 32GB of RAM

Most people assume that, in general, desktop computers are more powerful than their notebook counterparts. They’ll have the bigger hard drives, faster processors, and more impressive video cards. That’s all changing, of course, and the envelope has once again been pushed; this time by Dell. What you see here is the 17″ Dell Precision M6500 laptop. It may look like any other business-styled notebook PC from Dell, but it hides quite the hefty secret inside. That’s because it has a whopping 32 gigs of RAM under the hood. That’s a lot of system memory for a desktop, but a laptop!

With that kind of memory, you should have no trouble rifling through all sorts of multitasking endeavors without skipping a beat. You’ll want to have an appropriately powerful processor in there too, as well as a good sized hard drive, but that 32GB of RAM should keep a corporate-minded smile on your face.  The people who receive your expense report, however, may question your choice to buy at $9,300 laptop. Your excuse? “It’s so I can work faster.”

[Gizmodo via Dell]