Guy makes iPhone into a DSLR, but why

Guy makes iPhone into a DSLR, but why


A Canon DSLR lens mounted on a solid piece of anodized billet aluminum weighing 1.1lbs
It must be a “mine is bigger than yours” thing, because this iPhone DSLR mount prototype is just way out to left field. Anyone with any photographic sense knows that the quality of glass you shoot with is tres-importante. But adding a lens on top of a lens seems on top of an iPhone is like a sick act of desperation, perhaps some type of shooters withdrawl? There is no internal mirror system on the iPhone, which is why DSLRs have such high quality. The iPhone 4 now has a 5MP sensor, and megapixels aren’t all that matters, it’s the quality and size of the sensor your glass is projecting the image onto.

This prototype seems like a good act of engineering exploration, to balance a DSLR lens on your iPhone can’t be an easy feat. And I would be surprised if any of the images actually turned out.

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