Apple FaceTime coming to the iPod and iPad

Apple FaceTime coming to the iPod and iPad


In the strictest sense, video calls are nothing new. At the same time, Apple’s FaceTime on the iPhone 4 could really help to popularize that form of and function of communication.  FaceTime my friends, is coming to the iPad and iPod touch.  With FaceTime on the iPhone you still “call” your friends like you normally would, then the video call is pushed over the Wi-Fi connection visually connecting you.

An Apple representative is saying that iPad and iPod touch users will simply initiate a FaceTime call by “calling” an email address associated to your Apple ID, seems stupid simple to me, of course your email is registered with your chosen Apple device through some sort of push notification system. Atleast we know we can and use Fring, which would break us free from the Apple-to-Apple lockdown. So how about the other half of the call, the video part? The iPhone 4 has a front-facing camera for video calls. The iPod touch and iPad do not… unless next generation versions of those are coming sooner than we might expect.  Look out, because something may be going down tomorrow, not next month.