Unmanned British stealth jet Taranis is the largest of its kind

Unmanned British stealth jet Taranis is the largest of its kind

Taranis unmanned jet
Taranis, the Celtic god of thunder unveiled

Aiming to continue war in a distant yet gutless way is the latest creation of British defense company BAE Systems.  The company has been working on what they call the Taranis, since 2006.  The name comes from the Celtic god of thunder and is a piece of technological mastery that proves millions of tax paying dollars can be spent so grown men can continue to play with a joystick while spying on their neighbors all in the name of the Queen!

The massive Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) can reach the “speed of jets,” if it can keep up with the SR-71 Blackbird, that would mean 2070 mph.  Having no pilots is apparently to lower risk for their men when patrolling enemy skies. It’s main purpose is to carry out long-distance surveillance between various continents around the world.  Now it won’t be traveling mach 20 like DARPA’s hypersonic glider, but it could still very well go missing if satellite communications are interrupted.  It’s invisible to radar, uses onboard sensors to survey land, carry out intelligence and conduct reconnaissance missions on enemy territory.  Being the size of a full plane, it has the ability to carry a large payload of weapons like bombs and missiles giving it the ability to strike a far off target.  Britan’s Ministry of Defence hasn’t signed off on any Taranis units just yet, this prototype is aimed to convince them to invest in the stealthy drone.   A video with plenty of smoke and lights is available at the source link below.

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