Light Pool phone features 22 triangular LEDs, perfect for aircraft controllers

    Toshiba Light Pool phone with 22 triangular LEDs

    When things blink and flash they are cool, when they are in a particular sequence with multiple colors and sound, they are rad. You could say the same for the KDDI Light Pool clamshell phone. On the outside, you’ll see a total of twenty-two LEDs in the shape of triangular windows arranged in a criss-crossing grid-like pattern. These LEDs are meant to display a touch of personality, lighting up in 100 different patterns sequenced with music. Patterns can indicate an incoming call, email, or whatever you prefer.  The lights and sounds “rongupureimodo” were created by filmmaker Masakatsu Takagi.

    Going through the specs and feature set, however, you’ll find that this phone isn’t exactly anything to write home about. The Light Pool has a 3.2-inch VGA TFT display, 8MP autofocus, Bluetooth, GPS, and a microSDHC expansion slot.  Expect Toshiba handset to launch with KDDI at the end of this month in your choice of pink, black, or white.

    [MobileCrunch via Impress]