NookStudy app to change textbooks forever

NookStudy app to change textbooks forever

NookStudy application from Barnes & Noble to deliver e-Books

Getting their foot in the door early for the 2010 fall school season, Barnes & Noble today unveiled a solution to lighten the book bag, it’s called the NookStudy.

NookStudy is an application and management tool for your eTextbooks, it runs on both Mac and PC, and will offer students instant downloads to study guides, test prep tools, periodicals, and hundreds of thousands of academic and trade titles. The app wasn’t designed single-handedly by B&N, they went to college students, administrators and professors to get as much feedback as possible. The result should be nothing less than revolutionary; offering the ability to view multiple books and sources at once, a plethora of complementary toolsets, reference manuals, the ability to highlight text and take notes; that are searchable and customizable too. It also acts as a main access point for eTextbooks, lecture notes, syllabi, slides, images, trade books and other course-related documents. Data storage and a data backup system was not mentioned, but I’m hoping the NookStudy will operate in the clouds to offer students the most security over their digital libraries.