HP’s McKinney shows rollable high-tech mylar display at MobileBeat

HP’s McKinney shows rollable high-tech mylar display at MobileBeat


When HP bought Palm their minds were set on delivering a complete experience to the end-user, similar to Apple’s hold on all aspects of their products – from software to hardware.  HP’s CTO Phil McKinney at MobileBeat expressed in a not so direct way, how this is also their plan, “When you look at success in the marketplace, it’s about those companies that can control the end-to-end experience,” McKinney said.  With Palm now in their back pocket we can be sure future HP devices will not be built around Windows or Android operating systems.

We’re not exactly sure what to expect from HP, but McKinney did have a high-tech rollable display to show off at MobileBeat.  The display is made of mylar-infused sheets, similar to those found in solar arrays, and can display video while maintaining the ability to toggle back to E-Ink mode – no power required to display an image.  This type of display could be included in e-book readers, smartbooks, or slates, “although most people think of them as tablets,” said McKinney.   According to HP, the richness of mobility is lacking. HP wants to create devices that deliver more richness while still maintaining mobility.

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