Concept HTC 1 phone is an elegant dream visualized

Concept HTC 1 phone is an elegant dream visualized

HTC 1 concept smartphone by
HTC 1 concept smartphone by Andrew Kim

One of the most fantastic smartphone concepts ever created could very well be from designer Andrew Kim. His ideas are far from just a few sharp looking renders, but Kim has visualized an entire architecture for a smartphone he has called the HTC 1.

The HTC 1 is far sexier than the iPhone 4, wrapping its components in a machined brass shell with silver finish, making it durable and highly protective from impacts; with probably much better signal as well. The base rotates out acting as a kickstand, allowing the 1 to remain upright in landscape mode when docked, or for watching some media. Dual speakers located on the top and bottom provides stereo surround sound. Tweaking the Sense UI for the 1, Kim has a full home screen of widgets to offer users an “in-depth” experience. And for germaphobes, a built-in UV light kills germs on the surface of the phone while its charging up.

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