Nokia phones can be held any which way you like

Nokia phones can be held any which way you like

Nokia phones can be held any way you choose
Nokia phones can be held any way you like

Freedom. Something we take for granted even with the simplest of things. The privilege of being able to grasp your mobile phone any way you like without having to worry about things like signal loss should be one of those freedoms. And it was, until the iPhone 4 came.

Nokia, ever the opportunists, recognized this. Assuring customers that there is no wrong way to hold a Nokia handset. The cell phone maker has promised you will not be at a loss for reception. No signal issues should be experienced by any user, ranging from the “thumb & finger” to “the cup” and more. Sensing many consumers had taken those precious little bars for granted before the recent storm of iPhone 4 complaints. Nokia looks to take advantage of Apple’s negative press with phones designed for both righties and south paws with no call-drop nightmares.

According to the official Nokia blog, the thumb and finger technique steadily and elegantly grasps the phone in the palm, with four fingers on one outer edge and the thumb against the closer opposite edge. This method is ideal for smaller to medium devices. The cup is another form that rests the phone in the center of your palm with your fingers covering the bottom far corner and allowing your thumb to move freely. The bottom of the thumb may also cover the nearest bottom corner, potentially blocking out reception on certain handsets. With device weight being carried by the bottom of the palm, the thumb is easily used for texting and quick key entry of all types.

The balance is more skill oriented, with the little finger supporting the bottom of the phone and the index and middle fingers supporting the middle of the device at the back. Not wise to attempt during a phone call, the balance technique is very useful for texting and internet surfing on a QWERTY.

The four edge grip is handy for touch screens, as each finger, thumb included, is holding an opposite edge. The thumb is opposite the middle and ring, with the index resting on top and the little supporting the bottom.

The concept Nokia is shooting for is to be easily accessible to any user, with hands big or small. Whether you text with one hand, surf the web with both thumbs or use a stylus with one and grasp with the other, Nokia has you covered. As they say, you are free to use their products any way you wish, as you will not suffer from any signal degradation.

This could be summed up simply by Nokia with a statement that they have the strongest available internal antennas, however, where is the fun in that? A clever, if not a tad silly, marketing effort such as this is amusing and light hearted, and even a little accurate. Most everyone will easily identify their texting, calling or surfing style immediately and may be impressed or at least aware of the quality reception Nokia handsets deliver. At the end of the day, isn’t that what matters?

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