Law firm opens iPhone 4 complaint hotline

Law firm opens iPhone 4 complaint hotline

iPhone 4 with the much needed "bumper" case
iPhone 4 with the much needed "bumper" case Photo: Flickr

Have you been in a car accident, injured? Perhaps your iPhone 4 antenna is not performing as it should? Call Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff now.  That seems to be the message from a Sacramento lawfirm who have put the word out to disgruntled iPhone owners in order to round up a class-action suit against Apple.

“If you recently purchased a new iPhone and have experienced poor reception quality, dropped calls and weak signals, we would like to hear from you,” reads a a message on the injury attorneys website.

The firm is “currently investigating potential problems with the release of iPhone 4.” This is after the companies most successful product launch in history, someone is always out there to take a piece of the pie.  According to some iPhone 4 owners, the device drops signal if the bottom left corner is covered by the palm of the hand – a situation most common when lefties are in control.

The antenna glitch is just one of the issues plagueing the new smartphone. Apple has been sued alongside AT&T in the past numerous times, most notably the easily scratched screen of previous iPhone devices, however, these new issues are severe enough to require some serious action by Apple.   The iPhone 4 went on sale last week and sold 1.7 million units thus far.