iPhone 4 will not upload 720p HD video over 3G

iPhone 4 will not upload 720p HD video over 3G

Apple iPhone 4 does not upload 720p video

It seems that the Apple iPhone 4 has another unexpected hiccup in its functionality. As you may already know, the iPhone 4 is capable of recording glorious 720p HD video. Unfortunately, it can’t upload them. Intomobile is reporting on their attempts during a video upload test, only to discover that the iPhone 4 will not upload 720p video. Instead, it will automatically downscale your HD video down to a less than eye-popping 568 x 320 pixel resolution.

That’s not to say that the original video isn’t in 720p. In fact, if you go through the trouble of physically connecting your iPhone 4 to your computer, off-loading the video, and uploading it via YouTube that way, you’ll find that the 720p-ness is completely intact. They just don’t want you uploading such a huge file through the iPhone directly. This makes sense considering that it will “save you” from the massive 3G wireless data transfer fees, but I have a burning suspicion that the same restriction is in place even if you try uploading via Wi-Fi. A 720p video file is going to be massive and could very well take you hours to upload. We don’t think Apple (and AT&T, for that matter) will lift this HD upload restriction anytime soon, it could create a huge bottle neck if everyone started uploading 720p videos and slow AT&T’s network down to a crawl.