Sony Ericsson Cedar feature phone gets a little green

Sony Ericsson Cedar feature phone gets a little green

Sony Ericsson Cedar
Sony Ericsson Cedar cell phone

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 left something to be desired, so maybe we should consider something outside of that company’s smartphone portfolio. Like the new SE Cedar, for instance.

The newly revealed Sony Ericsson Cedar cell phone doesn’t look like much, but this affordable handset is actually quite elegant in its presentation. It’s not a smartphone, but appears to offer integrated Facebook and Twitter access. That’s a good start.  You may also notice beyond the elegant design, that the Cedar makes uses of recycled plastics, offers a lower power charger, comes with an e-manual, and is wrapped up in compact packaging. This is all a part of the company’s GreenHeart initiative. See, they care about the planet too.

Rounding out the rest of the specs on this lower-tier phone are the 2.2-inch screen, Bluetooth, FM radio, media player, 2MP camera, 3G connectivity, web brwoser, and 420 hours of standby. Sony Ericsson hasn’t announced anything regarding pricing or availability, but I’ll go with “cheap” and “pretty soon.”

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