iPhone 4: Should you upgrade?

iPhone 4: Should you upgrade?

iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4, should you upgrade?
iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4, should you upgrade?

With all of the pandemonium surrounding the iPhone 4, the question surrounding Apple’s new masterpiece is: should I upgrade?  The decision right now fueled by the excitement of innovation and hype is to do so, but if you take a step back and think, it may not be as clear as you had imagined.

Certain situations warrant the upgrade, while others do not. If you own a 3G or less, then upgrading as soon as possible could be what you need to do.  Let’s face it, your 3G is at least two years old, probably scratched, not looking too fresh and is filled to the brim with music, apps, and other goodies.  It served you well, but it’s sluggish and inferior to the speed you have evolved to in respects to navigating and loading apps on your device. Perhaps your contract with AT&T has expired.  The iPhone 4 will be available to you for less, and you can retain your unlimited data plan which is a huge bonus since AT&T recently discontinued it for new users.

If you have a 3GS, then it may serve you well just to hang on a little longer.  It’s still a pretty solid iPhone.  It performs well, the newer processor is pretty speedy, faster then the 3G, but lets face it, its no A4.

The 8GB or 16GB 3GS still performs decently, but may be lacking the space you need. The 32GB could be all you need.  You will get the iOS4 update bringing you up in that department, and your battery could be still running strong so running this bad boy into the ground a little longer won’t hurt.

The iPhone 4 doesn’t have 4G speeds yet, and that will probably be the next thing on Steve Jobs’ agenda as we head into 2011.   It does have the front facing camera for video chat, the speedy A4, which from my iPad experience is going to put an end to lag in most apps.  The upgraded HD camera and LED flash are also a huge improvement.  And if you’re the guy who has to have the latest and greatest, then why are you even reading this?

But of course, stick with what works for you.  Just weigh out the benefits of an upgrade against the cons, and remember, you are dealing with another expense come June 24.