Carriers discuss unlocking phones at Canadian Telecom Summit

Carriers discuss unlocking phones at Canadian Telecom Summit


It’s very rare to see the major competitors in a giant industry sit down and openly discuss where the market is moving. It’s like when they got Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to chat in front of a live audience. Well, the same thing has happened with Canada’s telecom firms.  Over at the Canadian Telecom Summit earlier this week, a panel was moderated by Iain Marlow of the Globe. During the “Advanced Wireless Service” event, three major executives from Wind, Rogers, and Mobilicity had a one-hour discussion on wireless communications in Canada.

The conversation was moderated by Marlow and attended by Wind Mobile CEO Ken Campbell, Rogers EVP of Marketing John Boynton, and Mobilicity President and CEO Dave Dobbin. They talk about unlocking phones, spectrum caps, customer loyalty, bundling, and the recent spectrum auction.

In the video clip below, you can see how they responded when asked about how Canada can (or cannot) support multiple carriers with a smaller population compared to larger markets like the United States. Wind appeared to be the most optimistic of the three.

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