Morpho Smart Select automatically selects best photo

Morpho Smart Select automatically selects best photo


Ever since cameras switched from film to digital, we’ve been taking way more pictures. It’s just so much easier to take multiple shots and just choose the best ones later on. Now, that process can be automated with Morpho Smart Select.  Announced by Morpho of Japan today, the software will automatically pick the best shot out of a set of pictures. Simply let it know which set of pictures it should consider and it’ll let you know which is the best photo of them all.

Some of the factors that go into the Morpho Smart Select algorithm are color balance, color contrast, position of target object (or person), focus (or lack thereof), and the “quality of a smile of a person,” as determined by angles of the corners of the eyes and mouth.

You can also choose from seven different evaluation modes, including pet mode and portrait mode. This way, it can better select which photo really is the “best” for your purposes. The entire selection process takes fractions of a second.

This may or may not be all that useful for regular digital cameras and people who have time to fiddle in PhotoShop, but it seems the initial target is with mobile phones, embedding the software into the handsets themselves.