iPhone 4 display smashed, but was it the real deal?

iPhone 4 display smashed, but was it the real deal?

iFixyouri drop tested an iPhone 4, but was it a production quality model?

When Apple announced the iPhone 4 and all the miraculous new technology it had to offer, our jaws dropped to the floor thinking this would indeed be another revolution.  However blinded by marketing fluff, fancy names like high-tech aluminosilicate glass, and unthinkable correlations between “windshields of military helicopters and high speed trains” we figured this thing was a tank and a real game changer.  Not so fast says iFixyouri. They got their hands on an iPhone 4, minus the internal components which they claim is real, dropped it a couple times, nothing.  Dropped it once more, and we have what you see in the photo above.  A smashed display.

From Apple's feature page on the iPhone 4.

The drop test was done from 3.5 feet, about the distance I usually drop my plastic LG phone that does nothing other than get a ding. Apple’s iPhone 4 has not one, but two panes of this glass which they claim is “chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic.”  So what do we do now? Apple also released their own protective case. The Bumper is what it’s called, and seems to be a security net for the Cupertino company who may have just over-marketed their product.  But they don’t advertise it as such.  Apple promotes the bumper as a way to “dress up” your iPhone 4 with six colors, adding a “touch of style”, nothing about “protecting” your iPhone 4.

The Apple "bumper"

If it was indeed 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, and we are to believe iFixyouri, then this would not have cracked at all.  A small dent or scuff at most.  With all that said, there are two scenarios we can live by until June 24th comes in and Americans begin dropping their iPhone 4’s. One, iFixyouri may not have actually had an iPhone 4 with the production glass included, regardless of their claim. It’s much easier to use standard materials on prototypes than it would be to include the mass-produced, chemically treated and processed materials that would be on the final product.  Or two, Apple damn well knows the glasses fault, has released the bumper case as a precaution, and will go on their merry way selling millions of units.  I personally believe the former than the latter.