Motorola Flipout phone not available in the USA, shaped like a square,...

Motorola Flipout phone not available in the USA, shaped like a square, runs Android 2.1 with 7 flipping fantastic fancy colors


Motorola Flipout phone runs Android 2.1
Catering to the explosive widespread adoption of “social media,” Motorola has yet again released a new phone, this time it’s a “compact” and pocketable “social package” you may or may not be eager to get your hands on. Shaped like a square, or a woman’s compact, is the Motorola Flipout. MOTOBLUR integrates your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, as well as your emails, messages and friends; as a hub for you to socialize your entire flipping life to the world. Spilled your mocha latte on your lap? Perhaps someone just cut you off on 27th.. Flipout will surely let you flip out efficiently, all from one seamless interface. The Motoblur battery manager also optimizes the Flipout’s settings so you can get the most flipping use out of it.

The square shape is 2.6-inches by 0.7 inches thick, giving you a 2.8-inch display at 320×240 QVGA. A QWERTY keyboard “flips out” from behind, rotating on a single axis that I suspect will eventually get extra rotation and just make you literally flip out. It’s running on Android 2.1, a good thing, with a 600MHz processor “enhanced for MOTORBLUR.” CrystalTalk PLUS enhances call voice quality and filters out background noise. A GPS and eCompass are included for navigation apps. A 3-megapixel camera with no focus adjustment and 4x digital zoom may disappoint; but Kodak has offered up their Perfect Touch technology to “give better, bright pictures.”

Colors are country specific, were unsure which countries will get what colors, but we do know right now the USA will get none of them. Licorice, Fairway Green, Raspberry Crush, Brilliant Blue, Poppy Red, Saffron and White will be splattered randomly across Latin America and Europe in Q2 of this year.