809 motor components later, the Cabestan Scuderia Ferrari One watch

809 motor components later, the Cabestan Scuderia Ferrari One watch

Cabestan Scuderia Ferrari One wristwatch

Ferrari seems to be expanding their brand in many directions, we’ve seen their 64-bit netbook computer, Android phone, now the Italian race car maker has teamed up with the Swiss watchmaker, Cabestan. The Scuderia Ferrari One slipped past us on the radar, but we’ve finally caught up to it, and oh boy, it’s a beauty.

The watch will use materials to mimic the Ferrari Formula 1, a titanium alloy chassis will be host to some amazing engineering. A Calibre CAB EC 101 motor runs the watch, it’s a Swiss lever entirely designed by Cabestan; 809 components fully assembled by hand with a 6-speed automatic gear system to equalize torque. Carbon fibre and stainless steel protect the motor, with a single crystal window for your viewing pleasure. Two side wheels made of magnesium alloy, with stainless steel centers resemble the wheels and lug nuts on the Scuderia Ferrari One. The leather strap will be available in either red or yellow, matching Ferrari’s handmade leather seats, folded back and sewn just like the real deal.

Selling for no less than US $355,000, the exclusive production of 60 hand made pieces will be built by the Ferrari design team in Maranello, led by Design Director Flavio Manzoni.

[Hat tip to Rebecca]