Kingston shows 64GB SDXC memory card at Computex

Kingston shows 64GB SDXC memory card at Computex

Kingston 64GB SDXC Memory Card
Kingston 64GB SDXC Memory Card label looks like it was printed the night before Photo: Michael Kwan

Remember when the SDXC memory card format was formally revealed by the SD Association a couple years ago? Well, the actual products are slowly filtering into the marketplace, including a 64GB offering from Kingston Technology.  Whereas other competitors like Panasonic have released their 32GB and 64GB SDXC cards, Kingston is playing catch up with their 64GB SDXC UHS-1 Class 10 card. Just like SDHC before it, SDXC is not backwards compatible.

This means that you’ll have to go through a whole new upgrade process all over again, starting with your camera or camcorder (or whatever else) and moving into the card reader too. It uses the newer exFAT system, which is why it won’t work with SDHC readers.

In terms of speed, the current maximum is 104MB/sec with the theoretical maximum of 300MB/sec coming at some point in the future. For now, the Kingston card offers 60MB/sec read speed and 35MB/sec write speed; or at least that is what we are supposed to believe.  The SDXC card on display looked like someone slapped a cutout from a printer the night before.