High-tech USB “SmartBadge” from Apacer shown at Computex

High-tech USB “SmartBadge” from Apacer shown at Computex


Apacer SmartBadge with USB Photo: Michael Kwan

Computex Taipei is home to a lot of new technology, it’s got it all – small components for manufacturers, and final consumer products ready to hit Best Buy shelves. Somewhere in between is the SmartBadget USB drive from Apacer Technology, but this is no ordinary drive. The handy little creation won an iF 2010 award, taking home a Design and Innovation Award at this show. It’s for the office or factory environment, and as you can imagine, it’s so much more than just an ID badge. Yes, it’ll show the guy’s name and picture, but it slides open to reveal no fewer than four detachable USB drives.  Going further, there’s also a dongle with USB connectivity, an integrated RFID reader, and security software capabilities.

It sure looks handy for the tech employee working at a data-intensive, secure office; or even trade shows where exhibitors can simply transfer data to a visitors badge by plugging them in, or grabbing their info over RFID.